Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fighting the Wintertime Bulge

A winter of laziness and eating whatever I wanted has caught up with me... Now that spring is here, I decided to get some of my summer clothes out yesterday. I was not surprised, but was still dismayed that every single pair of summer pants that I own is too tight for me! Here they are - all stacked up - ten pairs of capri pants - a reminder of my chubbiness!

Something has to be done. I have to get into these pants again this year for a couple of reasons: first, I tried buying new pants in the next size up a couple of years ago when this happened. I looked like a clown - the next size simply doesn't work for me. Secondly, I can't afford new pants since I am unemployed and money is tight and I am feeding a 15-year-old boy! I guess I will be modifying my diet and making a renewed effort to exercise more regularly.

In the meantime, I plan to leave the stack of pants sitting out so I can see them every day and be reminded of what laziness and eating whatever you want will get you!

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