Sunday, July 11, 2010

Introducing My New Line of Button Jewelry!

I have created a new line of jewelry made from recycled vintage buttons. I never thought I would use buttons in my jewelry, until I saw a button bracelet that was delicate and feminine. I dug out my stash of old buttons and tried making a couple of bracelets and I was hooked! The color and texture combinations are endless!

These bracelets are so fun, easy to wear, and affordable, and they look even better when you stack two or three together! (At Holly&Sage shipping is always free for a second item!)

Made from buttons and cotton or hemp woven cord, these bracelets don’t have the limitations of metal or pearl jewelry – they can be worn while swimming or playing sports and can be hand washed if they get dirty! (Please don’t put them in a clothes dryer, though!)

Many of the buttons I am using are truly antiques! The craftsmanship of these very old buttons is a wonder to behold! Today's mass-produced plastic buttons simply do not have the delicate etching and carving or interesting swirls and textures that so many of these old ones have. In some styles, I have only one button - as a result of this, every bracelet I make is one-of-a-kind. Some may be similar to others, but no two will be exactly the same .

Down to earth and simple - like friendship bracelets - these affordable bracelets let you add some personality to even the most casual outfits or wardrobes!

If you are interested in button jewelry of a color combination or size other than those I have listed, send me a message. I am very open to conversations about my work and will be glad to work with you to create just what you are looking for!

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