Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ready to Be Your Most Beautiful Self?

My experience with Dressing Your Truth

I have recently discovered a program that helps women learn to accentuate their own natural qualities by taking a realistic look at the hair, skin, and body that they were born with; see their own unique beauty and make the most of it!

That is a tall order! I have spent hours watching videos and reading articles and watched (what feels like) hundreds of before and after photos that have convinced me that this program truly works magic!

It is called Dressing your Truth. You can sign up for the free Learn Your Type e-course here.

I have spent so much time with this fascinating information the last few days that I see it where ever I look. Last night my husband and I were watching a documentary and one of the experts that was being interviewed was such a perfect example of a Type 1 that it was quite distracting to me! I wanted to say, "look at her ears that stick out in such an animated way, and her round face, and her cute upturned mouth!" but, of course, he would have thought I had completely lost my mind, so I didn't mention it. Ha! Ha!

Another place I am seeing "types" is in my jewelry! Here are some examples:

Type 1: Bright, animated beauty; light, airy, circles, fun

Color Pop Earrings
Pastel Button Bracelet

Type 2: Subtle, soft beauty, comfortable, flowing

Aqua Swirl Mommy Necklace
Low Tide Button Bracelet

Type 3: Rich, dynamic beauty; passionate, angular

Square Green Mommy Necklace
Mustard Yellow Marble Bracelet

Type 4: Bold, striking beauty; solid, high contrast, black & white

Geometric Red Cubic Zirc Earrings

Black & White Necklace

Have you discovered what your type is? What are your favorite type-specific accessories?

Let me know what you think of the program!

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