Friday, July 16, 2010

Join in the Digital Scavenger Hunt!

Have you ever heard of a digital scavenger hunt? I hadn't until today. Pink Dandy Chatter is having one in August and you are invited to join in the fun!

Below is an excerpt from the blog explaining the basics. Go to Pink Dandy Chatter for details and to sign up to participate!

"I will ... email everyone on Monday, August 9th with 8 scavenger hunt words and a list of all the web addresses for all the blogs that are participating. You will then take one picture per scavenger hunt word with your digital camera. On Monday, August 30th, everyone will post their own pictures on their blogs (including the scavenger hunt word below each picture). And, you must include links of all the blogs that are participating in the digital scavenger hunt (below your last picture)."

I can't wait - it sounds like lots of fun!

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