Saturday, August 28, 2010

Digital Scavenger Hunt- Summer 2010 - My Results!

I am participating in a digital scavenger hunt sponsored by Pink Dandy. What fun! Here is what I came up with for:


I took this picture earlier this month while picking blueberries with my mother at a farm far out in the country in Tennessee. I thought it was an interesting aspect of nature.


This is what remained of my old Camry after my daughter was hit by a logging truck. Luckily, she was not seriously hurt! Seeing that car on the side of the road surrounded by emergency vehicles was probably the scariest moment of my life!


Produce in the grocery store. What is more colorful than that?


This is a photo I took of the Space Needle in Seattle several years ago when we were there. I think it looks lovely with the blue sky and clouds behind it.


This is my dad playing with my daughter when she was about 2 years old. He died last year and she is now 20, but they loved each other fiercely - I think it shows in this photo.


This is our bearded dragon, Simon, looking out the window at the Utah landscape when we were driving across the country. My daughter thought he looked like he liked what he saw and wanted to be out there!


This is a photo of some peppers that we bought at the farmer's market earlier this summer. I thought they looked pretty laying on the green plate, so I took a picture. My family thinks I'm weird, but I am always taking pictures of things like this - you never know when you might need them for your blog or your website (or for a digital scavenger hunt!)


Yes, this one is lame, I know. I just couldn't come up with anything more original! I thought of photographing litter or graffiti, but I waited until too late in the game and didn't see any when I had my camera with me. So this is my dirty oven. It is a crime, but I do not clean ovens, and that is just how it is. We all have our dirty little secrets, don't we? Now you know mine!

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Antonia Blanca said...

I love your photos! Very nice, especially the one of your dad and daughter... made me teary. Also the broken one. My kids are only 6 and 4 but I can't imagine my reaction to that scene. And cleaning ovens IS a crime! :-) I just put my photos up - hope you can check them out. This was a lot of fun!

Pink Dandy Chatter said...

I love your post! Your picture for heat and the description of Simon looking out the window was really touching. I am so glad that you participated.

soulenergy said...

Oh! Your daughter's car... I am so glad that she was okay! How scary!

Your dirty little secret made me laugh out loud-- literally!

Love your depictions!

All the best, Jessica

Jodi said...

LOL...I love your crime photo! My oven looks like that too lol. Come check out my photos too, if you get a chance! :)


SOiNTOiT said...

your colors are stunning. Teared up at the picture of your dad....can relate