Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Twiddletoes: Not Your Ordinary Sock!

NOT your ordinary socks, Twiddletoes are handmade toe socks with a twist! Like mittens for your feet, they have a separate 'toe' for the big toe.

Stacy started making what she calls 'tabi socks' because she was tired of seeing people wear flop flops with regular socks. She started out small, first making them for family members; now she sells her handmade socks at craft shows and festivals as well as in her online shop and her Etsy store.

She uses fine natural wools and her own pattern that features a ribbed cuff and reinforced toes and heels for superior wear and comfort. Her Simple Luxury line includes socks made from alpaca and cashmere! Those are truly luxury socks that would make a wonderful gift (especially for someone that likes to wear socks with their flip flops!).

When you're talking socks like this, anyone would be thrilled with socks for Christmas!


iKnitQuiltSew said...

I am a knitter, and wouldn't even begin to attempt these beautiful handmade socks! Nice post!!

Anonymous said...

What a treat cashmere socks would be! The fact that they are hand-knitted makes them all the sweeter!

twiddletoes said...

Thank you for the post! I love that you mentioned 'mittens for your feet' -- I'd never even thought of that. :)

trusk4u said...

Love, love those green socks! I owned a pair of cashmere socks years ago and they were wonderful, especially on really cold days!