Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Quest for Foamy Coffee

I have this thing about frothy coffee. I don't know why, but I just love to have foam or froth of some kind on my coffee.

The more the better!

A hotel we stayed at in Puerto Rico, at the breakfast buffet, had a big urn of coffee and right beside it was a big urn of steamed milk. I don't know if coffee with steamed milk is a popular way to drink coffee there, or if it was there for people that drink steamed milk by itself, but I think it sparked my love for foamy coffee!

In Canada, I got an espresso in a cafe and it had a slight foam on top just from the coffee itself and the way it was brewed. I love that, too!

In my quest to have 'foamy coffee' at home I have tried all sorts of things with varying degrees of success. My most recent discovery is the best one yet - this is how I do it:

I started with an empty caramel topping bottle (well, it might have had just a teeny bit of caramel left...) and put roughly equal amounts of 2% milk and cream in it. Don't fill it up - it needs to be less than half full to allow room for lots of sloshing around.

Put the top on securely and shake like mad! For a couple of seconds - it doesn't take long. Take the top off and use a long handled spoon to scoop the foam off and put it on your coffee! Yum!

Yes, I'm crazy.

I know. :-)

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