Thursday, June 16, 2011

Artist Collaboration with Petrillo Pottery

I am excited to announce the collaboration of Holly&Sage and Petrillo Pottery! Rachel Petrillo is a sculptor and potter; she makes unique and beautiful porcelain creations including these adorable fruit and flower pendants. 

She has made some especially for me, and I am busy making some new Mommy necklaces with them. 

Now, not only are these necklaces lovingly handmade in the US, the beads are handmade in the US, too!

These are adjustable so that they can be worn long or short. Though Mommy necklaces can be worn by anyone, they are simple and sturdy pieces that can withstand pulling by the young hands of babies and toddlers, so they are ideal for caregivers of small children.

Note: Porcelain ceramic beads are fired and glazed to resist breakage, but they are breakable and should not be dropped.  
Mommy necklaces are sold as jewelry for adults, not toys, and should not be given to unsupervised children.

Stay tuned to Holly&Sage or follow me on Facebook for news of new necklaces to be listed soon!


Miss Val's Creations said...

These are so gorgeous!!! ~Val

creativityismessy said...

Beautiful colaboration ladies!

Just Color said...

Beautiful, lovely and very creative. Aweosme!

Bobbi Lewin said...

That is wonderful news! Beautiful necklace too:)

KerriRenee/inmyigloo said...

How fantastic is this? Wonderful collaboration!