Monday, March 12, 2012

Using Pinterest for your Online Business

I you have a website or online shop you should be using Pinterest. Is is an excellent and easy-to-use promotional tool.  It is a great visual way to get more traffic to your site or shop. (Also a fun way to wile away the hours looking at beautiful photos of places you'd like to travel to or recipes that make your mouth water.)

Add a Pinterest button to your toolbar (so you can "Pin" things quick as a wink!

And now there is Pinerly! 

Pinerly is a new application that makes it easier than ever to use Pinterest. Use it to follow/unfollow pinners, view popular pins, schedule pins, and get statistics to learn how to reach a larger audience. It will help you to optimize your marketing strategies so that you can focus on your content!

More about Pinterest and how and why you should be using it: this link to sign up for Pinerly:

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Holly said...

Oh, and you can check for pins from your site (even if you haven't used it before, others may have pinned your content) with this link: <-- just replace "yoursiteurl" with, well - your site's url :-)