Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I have decided to formally promote the handmade and artisan items of my friends and fans of Holly&Sage! This decision was influenced partly by Heather of Studio FM and partly by the weekly FEATURED FELLOW ETSIAN feature on Cecil Bobby's blog.

Heather's generosity to all of her friends that sell handmade products inspired me to do more sharing of my own resources with my friends. It can only help all of us if we spread the word about each others work! I am all for buying everything I can from a cottage industry rather than a mega corporation!

Cecil Bobby's blog gave me an example to follow. She features a fellow Etsy seller each week and in order to be included you only have to have an Etsy shop and answer a few simple "interview" questions. She only asks that each participant links back to her site and that they "spread the word among any Etsians [they] feel may be interested in a bit of free advertising and promotion." (If you have an Etsy shop you can find the information for being featured on her blog at )

I am going to do a similar feature here on my blog. This blog started out as just a place for me to ramble on occasionally about things that were on my mind (like whether buying sweat pants at Walmart was a good deal... ( )

Anyway, I am working on improving it and using it to promote my handmade products as well as those of my friends (including my Facebook friends and fans of Holly&Sage). I reserve the right to publish the occasional rant about Walmart, but I will try to keep it professional! ;- D

This is the plan: I will make a list of questions and anyone wishing to participate can send the answered questions to me and I will schedule a date for their 'interview' on my blog. I will, of course, link to your site or Etsy shop (I don't require that you have an Etsy shop, only that you make a handcrafted product that you sell). In return I ask that you link back to the blog - from Facebook, Twitter, your site, I don't care where! The idea is to get incoming links. That will make the whole endeavor work. The more people that see the blog, the more it will help YOU, ME, and EVERYONE else! I think it is a win-win situation!

I will come up with the questions and post them in a day or two. I welcome any advice or suggestions, and please spread the word!!

Thank you!


I am spending the day updating Holly&Sage fan page on Facebook! (I was expecting to spend an hour or two on it, not all day! But alas... I guess I am more tech-impaired than I realized!)

This is my Welcome page to new fans, what do you think?

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