Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Would you like to be a featured artist?

I believe in handmade items and cottage industry. I would rather buy an item from a fellow artisan or crafts person than to buy it from a mega-store at half the price!

In order to do my part in promoting the handmade industry, I am going to feature a different artist or crafts person each week – the offer is open to any artist or crafts person who creates handmade items and sells them.

These posts will appear one day each week (not sure which day, yet – I will let you know when we get ready to roll!). If you would like to be featured, simply email me at and include the following information in interview form:

1. What is your first name and where are you from? (State or country only)

2. What type of art or craft do you create and how did you get started with it?

3. Where do you market your products? How long have you been selling your work?

4. What is your dream for your products or artwork? Is it a mainly a hobby, or a main source of income (or would you like for it to become a main source of income)?

5. How are your items different from the next guy’s? What is unique about your work?

6. What is your favorite subject matter/medium/material (whichever applies to your art form)?

7. What is your favorite part of creating and selling your products or artwork? The part you like the least?

8. Tell us a little bit about your family and how they feel about your business or your artwork.

Please also provide:
• A link to your shop, website or blog

• A photograph of one of your items or a link to the photograph with permission to use it in this post

• A photo of yourself or your work space if you wish (optional)

Once you’ve sent your information, we’ll schedule a date for you to “go live” on this blog. I will send you a reminder email the day before your feature goes live so you can tell all your friends to watch for it!

All I ask in return for this is a link back to my blog (to your feature) and that you spread the word among any other artists or crafts people you feel may be interested in a bit of free advertising and promotion.

Thank you to Cher at for the idea to do this. I am kinda copying her! I don’t think she will mind – it is all for the good of the handcrafted community!

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