Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Office/Studio: A Work in Progress

My Office/Studio: A Work in Progress

I have been working on creating a space where I can do all my work. My husband moved his home office out to his shop behind our house, so I was left with a whole room for myself! I needed it, really - I had things scattered all over the house. When I had an order to send out I had to go back and forth between 3 rooms to put it all together. That is just crazy!

Now I have most everything in one room, but it still needs work. I am very obessive compulsive about organization (though you would never know it to see my house!) and it takes me forever to get things just the way I want them. In the meantime, this is what I have so far.


This (above) is my desk where I work on the computer, print invoices, etc. Below is my jewelry area where I make jewelry and keep all of my supplies.

There are some changes that I want to make. I would like to cover those cords up; I need to hag the cork board (when I decide where to put it...). I want to replace Steve's poster with something that speaks to ME and move those plants off of my work table. My storage containers are a hodge-podge, I know. I would welcome any suggestions for making this a more beautiful and functional space!

By the way, that is dog food in the container in the lower right corner. I don't actually have the room all to myself - I share it with our dog, Molly!

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