Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Getting Rid of That Bloated and Sluggish Feeling with a Cleansing Diet

I have been feeling old, sluggish and fat for the past few months. I have reached an age where I can't eat whatever I want any more (sadly) and still stay in good shape. I don't mind the weight gain so much as the constant bloated feeling! It makes me feel lethargic and slow and OLD! I hate that.

So, I am doing a colon cleanse this week. A friend suggested the Fat Flush diet and did some reading about it, but it seemed too strict for me. I was going to do the 7-Days Sugar Free again, but I was dreading it - I did it in December '09 and and had good results, but I remember eating a lot of yucky cabbage soups and things and to do it properly you really need to have a juicer, which I don't. I just don't feel I have the willpower to do that right now. I came across another one that sounded easier, so I am doing that one.

It is Dr. Group's 7-Day Oxygen Colon Cleanse. Basically it involves grouping foods (no meat with milk, etc.) and having no caffeine, alcohol, wheat, gluten, sugar, etc. It is going pretty well no far - this is the third day. I have already gotten rid of my bloat-y feeling, but I have a lot less energy than I am used to. And I am not a high energy person to begin with! I have decided that some people just have more energy than others, and I am not one of them. (sigh) 

I am expecting to feel more energetic in a couple of days, though. I know it is just my body getting rid of toxins.

I am nibbling on raw nuts and seeds right now and dreaming of Cheez-Its! Haha!

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