Monday, October 8, 2012

Learn to Let Your Beauty Shine by Living True to Your Nature

Be your most beautiful self by learning how to live true to your unique energy type!

Before I discovered Dressing Your Truth I often struggled to find styles of clothing and accessories that I felt good in and expressed who I really was. Part of the problem was that I didn't truly know who I truly was. Since I joined the Dressing Your Truth program I have discovered how easy it is to be ME. And you know what? It is so exciting!

Do you have things in your closet that you never seem to wear? You know that when you put them on they just don't feel right? Those things, no matter how beautiful or stylish they are, are most likely not suited to your type! The Dressing Your Truth course will help you to learn how to clear those things our of your wardrobe and replace them with great choices that will make you feel like your true beautiful self!

One of my favorite things about Dressing Your Truth is how much easier shopping is. Now that I know exactly what colors and styles to look for I can save a lot of time and frustration looking at (and possibly buying) things that are wrong for me.

Right now you can get the entire Dressing Your Truth course and access to all the great instructional videos and the supportive forums for only $99 when you use this link. You will also get a $20 gift card for the Dressing Your Truth online store (great clothing and accessories for your type) immediately and another $10 gift card after your first order.

Hurry! This offer ends Tuesday, October 9!

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