Thursday, June 3, 2010

This Week's Featured Artist: Caroline of Creations for Amalie!

This is the first of a new weekly series on Holly&Sage. Each week we will feature a different artist or artisan of handmade items. If you would like to be featured, see Would You Like to be a Featured Artist? for details.

Our first featured artisan is Caroline of Creations for Amalie!

1. What is your first name and where are you from?

Hello, my name is Caroline, and I am from Northern California!

2. What type of art or craft do you create and how did you get started with it?

I love to sew, and I am currently making "Pillowcase" Dresses, shopping cart covers, and Mei Tai wraps. I got started with this when my husband and I ran up on hard times, and having a little one in diapers was tough! So, I decided to save some money, and make her cloth diapers! Now I am making her everything. It is a great way to be green, and save money for my family. :)

3. Where do you market your products? How long have you been selling your work?

I have tried to sell my work on Facebook, Craigslist, and even an ad in my local paper. The only one I got a few hits from, was Craigslist. I have sooo many mamas interested in my work on Swap Mamas as well, but as we all know the rules there, you cannot sell. But it is an amazing site to get my name out there! ;-)

4. What is your dream for your products or artwork? Is it a mainly a hobby, or a main source of income (or would you like for it to become a main source of income)?

I would like to make some money from this, but it's not something that is a must. My dream for this, is that I can help mamas save some money, and make their daughters be different from their friends, because they have something unique.

5. How are your items different from the next guy’s? What is unique about your work?

My items are different because I put love into every stitch, and I pay attention to detail. Most others just whip out their products, and don't sit back and think, "how would this look on me/my child?" I want everyone to be happy and satified with their orders.

6. What is your favorite subject matter/medium/material (whichever applies to your art form)?

My absolute favorite item I make would be my Pillowcase Dresses. When I first got a request to make one, I wasn't looking forward to making it. I thought it was going to look frumpy or not so cute. So I practiced making a few before I made her order, and when I tried them on my daughter, I fell in love! She looked so cute in it, and she got so many compliments when I took her to the store later that day. So I have been hooked on them ever since. I have since then modified and improved my dresses to make them even more precious than my original design.

7. What is your favorite part of creating and selling your products or artwork? The part you like the least?

My favorite part about creating/selling my designs is knowing that I am going to make other little Princesses happy, and I am keeping them safe and healthy (shopping cart covers). Also, that I can help families save money instead of buying boutique items at high boutique prices. The part I like least about my work, is when I am finished working on them, and have to send them to the customer. But, then I think about how cute they are going to look, or how many compliments they are going to get, and that makes me happy again! :)

8. Tell us a little bit about your family and how they feel about your business or your artwork.

My family is VERY supportive of my work! My grandmother is the one who taught me how to sew, so I have to give a bunch of credit to her. My husband loves that I am saving us money by making our daughter her clothes, diapers, blankets, and some toys on my own. We do save a lot of money, so we can go have some family adventures together. My whole family tries to promote my name, and help my business grow. Everytime they see a little one, they tell the parents about me and my work, and send them to my site.

Caroline, thank you for taking the time for this interview! We wish you all the greatest success.

If you’d like to learn more about Caroline, visit her blog, Creations For Amalie!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Holly! I was very excited to do this interview for you, and share my love of sewing with everyone! :) I hope everyone is well, and if anyone has any questions, please write me an email. ;)